I was living on Ponsonby Road in one of the big old white villas that over looked Auckland Central and as well out to the West.

I had recently got back from Melbourne and was feeling a little ‘down on my luck’. All I wanted to do was get on a plane and see the world.

Mum was visiting and I told her that I was a little restless and after 10 years of trying to break through with my music I thought it was time to try something a little different but I couldn’t figure out what that was.

“I dunno Mum” I said “I think I need to do something like a …Ford ad or something so I can raise the funds to travel the world.”

Ok – here is where it gets really weird.

It was either the next day or the day after that I got a call from Nicole Hoey at Cinco Cine and she said “Hey Jan, would you be up for appearing in a Ford Commercial?” and I said “Absolutely!!!”. I asked if I could write the tune too because I didn’t like covering songs and I knew I could write something easy enough.

Next thing I know I am getting my makeup put on and I am filming a telly commercial.

And it really was an amazing experience.

The scene where I am singing outside on the stage was filmed on a set which was trucked in to replicate a fair ground – in  the middle of the Desert Road. We started filming this scene when it was just about to snow. I was so cold my hands kept seizing up and I couldn’t move my mouth.

We spent that night in a chalet in Ohakune. I remember a spa pool and amazing food and I couldn’t believe how opulent the accommodation was.

The best part though was driving through the fire. Yip – I did my own stunt driving and the fear on my face is real.  Well it was a mixture of fear and total exhilaration.

A few weeks later I was flying out of town.

I really enjoyed the whole experience and I am so glad I finally got a hold of a copy so that I upload the video and share it.

Here it is.