Because You Photo: Jenna Todd

Because You Photo: Jenna Todd

This week I am releasing another single “Because You

This is another song that is the result of the year of the co-writes.

A year or so ago I was asked by my publisher if I had any tunes that might suit a big international movie – the song however was not to have been previously released and it couldn’t be released until a final decision was made on which tracks would be used.

Never wanting to miss an opportunity I decided to sit down and write a track based on the brief. Because time was limited I asked Wayne Bell to come and co-write the track with me.  It’s a lot different to any thing I have ever done and I was for a moment thinking that I had finally produced a commercial radio friendly track until some of my work colleagues told me that it was still very left of centre sounding.  Oh well there is still time.

Unfortunately this song wasn’t chosen for the sound track but fortunately it is now a song that can be released.

When you co-write with someone you have the benefit of someone else’s perspective and what is concocted can be a hybrid of styles. In this instance I really like what Wayne and I came up with and I hope you do too.

Wayne and I have been writing a few tunes together as of late. Some of these tunes we hope will find homes with budding singers or perhaps find their way into a ‘mega-stars’ repertoire. It is quite liberating writing songs for other people. It also means there is a reason to write. That is something I never want to stop.

Anyway – here it is.

If you like it – it would be great if you would purchase the song as well as streaming because what Wayne I and will do with the proceeds is put the funds in to making more music and buying coffee.

Written by: Jan Hellriegel and Wayne Bell.

Produced and pretty much every instrument played by Wayne Bell.

Recorded at The Lab with Oliver Harmer 

Mixed by Daniel Denholm, Sydney Australia

Mastered 301 Studios, Sydney by Steve Smart. 

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