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Nightline Interview with Jan 14 May 2013

The Famous Elsewhere Questionnaire. Jan Hellriegel

Here are some of the stories behind the songs on Lost Songs. All the songs have information about them in the liner notes on the CD or when you download you will get a .pdf document. 



Venus is Dead, Words and Music Jan Hellriegel, Produced by Shane Mason, Beaver Studios  2003

 I wait on with half a heart for the weight of your smile to lighten my load

Can’t get any further just a map or a sign would do wonders you know.

I put this song right up front because it is one of my favourites of the bunch. It was produced to a level where I nearly released it but I simply ran out of determination and cash and it was around the time when I gave my music career away and headed off to business school at Auckland University. At the same time I was recording a 4/4 version of Filled Me Up, which I hoped might get some radio play. That was the first time and the last time I would ever change a song to get played by the radio and have despised the practise ever since. Fortunately I managed to record Filled Me Up in its original time signature for the All Grown Up album.  With Venus is Dead I remember having a bit of bell sound crush going on and I appreciate Shane Mason put loads of bells in there for me. As far as I recall a lot of the music for this song was produced on a sequencer and put together by Shane Mason. I really can’t remember who played guitars etc. and I am sorry if it was you and I didn’t give you the credit you deserve. I never re-recorded this tune because this recording sums up the song aptly enough.

 Best View In the City  Words and Music – Jan Hellriegel, Mark Bell – Guitars, Martin Nightingale  – Guitars, Tony Lumsden  – Bass Guitar, Wayne Bell – Drums, Live demo recording for Tremble. Live Demo Recording for Tremble at York Street Studio with Nick Abbott. 1993

 When the party is over. You’ll have to agree, I’ll be your worst nightmare. You’ll always be thinking of me

 I remember writing this song when I flatted with Wayne Bell in Maxwell Ave, Grey Lynn, Auckland. Before gentrification and when you could afford to live there. I had the most amazing view overlooking Grey Lynn and across to the sea. It was a strange time – I was working in a retail store to pay the bills and frustrated that things weren’t moving fast enough – although they probably were. It’s My Sin had finally been released the previous year and I was waiting around to start recording my second album Tremble. I guess was a little angry with the world, the music industry old boys club and myself at this stage. Little did I know this was just a holding pen – a flat phase before the next step, which would be Australia.

10 April 2013. Lost Songs is being printed as we speak. It’s been 5 minutes a day for a very long time.

11 January 2013. Happy New Year! I have been busy putting together the ‘Lost Songs’ album over the summer – hence the silence. That is all about to change. In the mean time check out this interview.  Radio New Zealand - Summer Noelle. Simon Sweetman talks about his book On Song and my tune The Way I feel.

22 September 2012. Just posted a wee story called David Byrne and the the man with the purple shirt, PLUS just finished mixing a new single I hope to release in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

6 July 2012. Found a couple of videos that have been collecting dust in my closet.  They feature a live interview from 1990 on Nightline with, can you believe, Belinda Todd. Plus a bunch of live tunes recorded at The Gluepot with my band at the time; Terry Moore on Bass, Mark Peterson on Guitar and Craig Mason on Drums. My hair is very blonde – to be honest I am not too sure what I was thinking with the fringe. The outfit was a Zambesi dress which I cherished for years until it dissolved from over use. What I find interesting about the interview was what I said about local radio 22 years ago. Nightline Interview with Belinda Todd 1990  Plus I think I tell what is the worst joke ever!!! See if you can find it.

March 2012. Hi, welcome to my new website. Over the coming months I will be adding new tunes, up dating my blog, and adding performance information.Thanks Steve Cadman at Band Butler for designing this site and collating the content.

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