For The Love Of Glory...Are you doing the right thing?

For The Love Of Glory...Are you doing the right thing? 

I was discussing with a work colleague how sometimes you do things that not everyone approves of. As you get well known or your career starts reaching new heights, it seems that even if you didn’t mean to you can still do something that causes distress or anger in another. Sometimes this can simply boil down to the green-eyed monster and sometimes it can just be because you act in a way that does not seem ‘right’ to another. 

We both agreed that the more well-known or successful you are the more churn or antagonism from others you will get. 

Bottom line is you can’t please everyone all the time and sometimes your actions can hurt others even if you think you are doing the right thing. 

The question is, what is doing the right thing? 

Our history books are full of great adventurers, of sportsmen and women, of politicians, generals and entrepreneurs who reach great heights in their given field. 

Given that the person is guided by what they think is a reasonable motive it can be difficult to ascertain if someone’s actions are ‘good or bad’ if along the way they inadvertently do something that will hurt others to achieve any given goal or task.  

For The Love of Glory explores these themes. 

For The Love Of Glory


Oh for The Love Of Glory, she is such an elusive Queen

Oh for The Love Of Glory, she will lick the damage clean. 

This song represents a great movie set with many different scenes. It is supposed to transport you on to this set and you translate the emotion and the action and decide whether or not the hero is good or bad. 

There is an accompanying video for this track and it features footage from Western Springs Speedway from the early 1970s and my Dad’s panel shop when it was housed in what is now known as Victoria Park Market. I thought that the video may influence the listener too much if they hear it associated with pictures first, so I have decided to release the track first and follow up with the video in a few days.  

With any song of mine, however you interpret it is the correct interpretation. My job is to create a piece of music and then it lives for the listener . I really don’t have control of how people hear it after that. 

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  

For The Love Of Glory is part of my Year Of The Co-Writes. 

I had an idea for what the melody and the lyrical thematic material would be so I asked Martin Brown to write lyrics to fit around the original chorus. I really enjoyed handing over the lyric writing for a change. It is not often that I step aside and let someone do this – but I am glad that I did. 

The song was originally a thumping piano piece that my son and I would sing along to at the top of our voices, however when playing it with my band at a rehearsal it took on a groove of its own that makes up the feel it is now. 

I asked Wayne Bell to have a shot a producing the song - he of course nailed it. While we were working on the track we we discussed how the chorus needed a big choral-like sound (I can’t help it, I still love the Ray Coniffe Singers and their sugar-coated harmonies) which is supposed to juxtapose and relieve the listener from the images in the verses - therefore wiping the unpleasantness clean. 

Wayne Bell is a bit of a master of these layered choral vocals and he set about creating a melodic sweetness only achieved by a choir after they have all just eaten freshly cooked bread smothered in butter and honey.  I just love it. 

I really enjoy the production quality, the fatness of the sound and the layering of the musical instruments. Again thanks to Wayne Bell. 

Of course when I need to bring out the big guns to mix something, I ask Daniel Denholm to step in. Since we recorded Tremble he has always understood me when I say things like “I am hearing in my head about 1000 slaves pulling on the oars of a boat and moaning or grunting sounds”.  Because the vocal is sung by a female the music needs to be hard and threatening but with a good groove because Glory is mesmerising and wants you to dance to her tune. 

True to form he delivered a great mix with a few additional sounds that now live in the song as they always should have – including that great wailing guitar thingy that wails and moans in the bridge. 

Chris Chetland from Kog Studios mastered the track so it sounds full and clear and dances sonically as it should. 

I really like this track and feel it is the best I can offer up today. 

Of course as is typical with anything you create - some will love it, some will hate it, some will be indifferent but it’s OK because no matter what - Glory will lick the damage clean. 

Cover Design: Andrew B White 

Photograph: Jan Hellriegel 

For The Love Of Glory Release Date: 17th March 2015