Why would anyone release a music album in the year 2016 (or just doing my job)

The NZ summer so far has been spent reading the usual array for self-help, business & marketing books.   Plus I discovered audio books so now I can keep finding out new things while I am doing the washing and making the dinner.

That’s how I get my kicks these days. I love learning new stuff. I want to spend my time being the best person I can possibly be and cram as much as I can in to this great big beautiful life I am blessed to call my own. Like anyone else the journey can get a little lumpy but I just keep walking forward, one step at a time and remember to say thanks’ for what I have right now.

One of the most important things I have learned over the years is to commit to a project. Even if it takes you a lot longer than you anticipated – start. And don’t stop till you finish.

It is also useful to write down what you want to do because then you have stated it in black and white plus it’s a really great feeling when you reread your original intention and realise, by gum, you did it.  So I have done that now. I am going to make an album this year.

Which brings us to todays question us; why would anyone want to release an album in the year 2016?

I have one album worth of material ready. Probably have had for a while but I have been pondering whether it was worth making another one.

Why the why? Because like many independent artists,  I will probably sell a couple of hundred physical CDs, everyone will want to stream it, commercial radio won’t pick it up and the media will probably over look it because I am not a nymphet or the next big thing nor for that matter am I one of old the boys club.  (I do still live in hope though but no amount of positive thought seems to cut through that stagnant old music industry and the rules it abides by)

But you see, and this is what most muso’s would understand and what most music executives or industry peeps don’t quite grasp…I don’t make albums to make money or be famous – I make them because I want to. (Actually the money would be great but I have always been happy to pass on the fame thing…) The studio is my favourite place and I have songs that haunt me until I down load them and get them recorded. These songs just keep going around and around in my head like an ear worm and I can’t wait to unleash the little suckers to the public and my stalwart supporters - who I may add have been the sole reason I keep releasing music other than for doing for my self.

So yeah, I have to make an album I have no choice.

My last full album All Grown Up was released in 2009.  I had been away a long time and couldn’t believe the state of the music industry when I returned I thought it would be easy to sell a couple of 1000 CD’s and pay for the studio and the musicians et all that helped me put it together. It wasn’t.


I was very fortunate in that someone who I will always be most thankful for – Geoff Matthews came along to help me finance the album and made it all possible. It was such an incredible experience I didn’t think I could get back in to the studio until I thought I could make an album that could stand up to All Grown Up – but I think I can now.

Over the last few years I have released a couple of singles that were co-writes and I really enjoyed that – getting away from the introspective and making music with other people.


But this piece new of work will be a cohesive body, which should be listened to as a whole and it will be mostly my tunes unless I decide to do a cover... which might be fun. (My issue here is that there are so many amazing songs I can never decide which one to do)


My brother gave me some great advice when I told him about how nervous I was about releasing All Grown Up after being away for so many years.

He told me “it’s your job, as an artist, to put your creative heart on the line and the world would be a very boring place without people like you”  (I always hear that as ‘mad’ people like you…)

So I will do my job.

Wayne Bell and I will head in to pre production in February some time.

And that is my answer to why anyone would release an album in year 2016.