100% Seriously? Really? You what!!! Sportsman Of The Year??? You did it!

A few weeks ago I started on a journey to raise some funds so I could record my fourth studio album.

Today, 17th December 2016, I reached the target and am so grateful to the many people who helped me reach this goal. Those who donated directly to the campaign, spread the word on social media or encouraged me along the way by ticking ‘like’ on my posts or leaving some kind words.

The outcome was way better then I expected and to be frank – I really wasn’t sure if it was going to be a go.

When I started the campaign I was wondering about the angel.  The story. How could I communicate what I needed to achieve and inspire people so that they would be interested in the project.

I could have talked about how hard it is to raise capital to record a recording 2016. That the music industry is very youth orientated and isn’t interested in a middle aged woman like me anymore, that me and my ilk are voiceless in the media and that I haven’t had a song on commercial radio since last century…the list could go on… woe is me.

And then I thought about some lyrics I wrote many years ago for a song called Dumbfounded.

What the world needs now is not another, helpless, hapless pathetic being – which she’s OK

And I thought – blow that.  

This is about a body of work, which embodies empowerment. I don’t have any ill will or ugly residue for the years that were difficult or disappointing. As Madonna said in her latest speech… I thank everyone who said I “ would not, could not, should not” because it has made me who I am today.

If everything was super easy & I didn’t have to face the odd difficult time then my ‘resilience muscles’ wouldn’t be in such good shape – Jan Hellriegel

You see if I buy in to the hardship – then that is what life becomes. It becomes my reality. And I know there are people who have had and still have to face a much more strenuous and difficult incline that I. I would prefer to be someone who can help those less fortunate than me. 

This album is about the strength and the fearlessness of my 12 year self – me the Sportsman Of The Year.  I return to her and refuse to believe my path is going to be pigeon holed because of my sex, my age, or my style.  I am telling all my female friends – these are our power years … we will never be more connected, experienced and in control of our destiny as we are now. Enjoy the ride. 

And that is why I think this campaign resonated. People want to know that dreams are forever possible and that if you work hard and give a lot of thanks along the way – you get to where you want to be irrespective of who you are or where you came from. And if you ask you really do receive. 

There are always going to be the naysayers or detractors but you really need to ignore then – keep your eye on the prize.

So I am about to make and album and with that I really do believe that my career in music is just starting.

I took a few years off to have kids and I am glad I did – but now like the Valkyrie, by bust is bigger, I have a stronger determined gait and my voice has matured – it’s the best it has ever been. My song writing had developed and I have just churned out what I hope is a great album of songs for people to enjoy.

Credit: Not Sure 

Credit: Not Sure 

 I mean why wouldn’t you want to make an album at my age. It's the perfect time.

At this point I want to say that the number of people who believed in me enough to help raise the funds for this album is totally heartening and I am going to make sure this album is my best work yet.


Thanks every one.  You are all part of this and I couldn’t do it with out you.

Totally O for Awesome.

Thanking You - All Of My Sportsmen Of The Year 2016