64% Doing happy dance! Thank you for supporting my Boosted Campaign

Wow !!! Somewhere along the way I reached 64% of my Boosted Campaign Sportsman of the Year. and haven’t had a chance to say thank you yet. So THANK YOU ALL so much every one.

A few months back I was thinking… I really love what do – I love working in music and because I am around so many amazing writers and performers and get to hear their incredible songs I’m always inspired to keep working on the art of song writing too.

So over the years I have managed to write of bunch of tunes that I think are worthy of release so I thought yay – time to make an album.... and then the question became….so how on earth does one make an album in the streaming era?

Well they get the best people the can to form a team and then they just start. But of course resources are needed because you need to book studios, producers, engineers and you want to bring in your big guns band to make the songs come alive in a blaze of glory.

While I was thinking how do I raise the necessary funds to make an album a Boosted campaign flashed up on my Facebook feed and I thought – OK try that.

And then I sort of freaked out and thought why would anyone support my campaign knowing that for some people $20 or even $5 is a huge reach.

And it is only music after all…

But then I thought about what music means to people. The countless times that I have been approached and been told by some one that my song has influenced, saved, made laugh or cry, supported nourished or married them.

So yes I have been told to stop and move aside for the younger muso’s and that I have been told by some I am too old to be following my dreams still…

But you see making music isn’t a dream – it’s my job. It is my essence it is who I am.

Everything else just revolves around music and it is my purpose.  

So thank you for helping me realise that there is only one option and that is to never give up and that there are some people who still believe in me after all this time.

Thanks again.  I do believe this cockamamie idea to do a Boosted campaign is going to work.



On stage with big guns bands. 

On stage with big guns bands.