The New Zealand Herald 5* Review // 9 November 2009

When Jan Hellriegel first emerged here back in the early 90s, being a female singer-songwriter with alternative rock sensibilities wasn't exactly an easy option. Sure, she got a profile and two fine albums (It's My Sin in 1992 and Tremble in 1995) out of a major label deal. But they generated little momentum and Hellriegel eventually flagged music for a steadier income and motherhood...

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The Elsewhere Review // 27 October 2009

The title tells its own story, it has been well over a decade since Jan Hellriegel made an album and that might explain the huge interest in this one: lotsa interviews, articles and media attention, my guess from people who remember Hellriegel fondly for her swagger and sensitivity in bands and on her solo albums...

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The Dominion Post – Top 10 Albums of 2009 

Jan Hellriegel, All Grown Up - I feel very close to this album and it comes from being able to listen to it at an early stage. I love the songs, the playing, the production; everything about the album feels right. For me the standout is the torch ballad He's Gone but I will link to the new video for Under the Stars. And you can click here for my earlier interview with Jan...

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