Blog Off The Tracks: I Wrote The Foreword For Jan Hellriegel’s New Book/Album – Sportsman Of The YearYou’re one of my heroes Jan. May this music you make never stop. May you take your time and make it your own way always. Oblivious to trends, uninterested in genre or gender or tropes or trolls. Just making it as you can. Just making it work. Doing the work. Delivering.

Here then, Ms. Hellriegel, until the next time, is your new career-best. Here then, dear listener, now and for a long time to come, is your new favourite album. - Simon Sweetman April 2019

Elsewhere: There is an interesting dichotomy in this book-album project by Auckland singer-songwriter Jan Hellriegel: In her prose she has an easy, anecdotal and conversational tone but the published words of the new songs on the tie-in CD are refined, poetic and precise.

It is the difference between the artist and the art; and the vicissitudes and joys of the life that informs these penetrating lyrics. - Graham Reid April 2019

Witchdoctor Jan Hellriegel is about to release the best album of her career. As if that’s not enough, it’s a superb book as well. She graciously submits to the Witchdoctor Q&A.

This album is beautiful and courageous - Gary Steel April 2019

The New Zealand Herald She leads a thriving music publishing business and is about to release her best album yet along with the accompanying book, Sportsman of the Year - A Suburban Philosophy, which includes exposition and lyrics to all the songs and is part-memoir, part-self-help guide. Greg Fleming April 2019 Soul barring honesty shines through in each track. Sportsman Of The Year is a rich offering of beautifully composed and produced music combined with illuminating storytelling.