but I can’t bear to be in the same room
with you
longer than necessary
you can still drag me under
with a sneer
or a smile
Politeness just exhausts me
would you like to see me flaggin’
wave the chequered one
here comes the finishing line
It’s no good for an iron heart
with a cynical halo
supposed good times
when again?
oops I forgot them
Perhaps right here right now
would you like a little humiliation
come to think of it
what was your name again baby?
You know what I mean


Geraldine went down to see herself
was very late when she arrived
she knew she had metamorphosed
into someone else’s very own
She said, “I wonder if I scream loud enough
will I recall the night I’d left myself behind?”
I doubt it Geraldine
looks like you’ve gone and blown your mind
She was lost in a cold light
although it was quite warm outside
she thought if no-one could ever touch her
she would be bound to be alright
Geraldine she got caught
in between something like now and then
once or twice there were times
when she might have put
a finger on it
to never ever ride as high
as you would like to think
that you could go
Geraldine you forgot one thing
this is your show
Geraldine take some time
if you want to you can go there
in your mind, apparently
there are diamonds
they’re a girl’s best friend
if diamonds are a girl’s best friend
then use them well
to sharpen all your claws
it opens doors
and lots of sores
My Geraldine


Merry Mary
moves with me
late at night I know
she leaves dust in my eyes
Merry Mary
so elegantly
leaving lots of bits and pieces
and a couple of keys
she says
“don’t follow me”
She left me a silver spoon
after reading my palm
she said
“you’ll have to sing for your supper
you’ll have to sing hard”
so I do
Mary knew
Merry Mary
I noticed you
never grew anything at all
had nothing new
she said
“I could be you”
She left a couple of white walls
and a single cross
she took with her
a couple of secrets
which now are lost
I never asked her anything
but she knew
what she knew


Didn’t mean to be the experiment
didn’t mean to make it suffer
spread out on a slab
inject pure pleasure
And all that it entails
and all your latest fantasies
can be relieved
in just a blink of a second
If you really really want it
you can just go out and get it
ignore the consequences
pure pleasure
No one else has a mind
they are devoid of any thoughts
of their own
when you’re in pursuit of happiness
Maybe they are receptacles
maybe they are susceptible
to all of your thousands
and millions of wishes
Isn’t that the norm now
all the images you’ve been grasping
shooting right out at you
they’re shooting right out at you
until you’re numb
Pure pleasure
is blind


He calls me crazy to my face
says it out loud with a smile
after a while I believe it
I really love it
You know he’s not that nice at all
in fact he’s sickly sweet
and all that it encompasses
Set the moon on fire
it will fall down on your lap sometime
it’s the best thing I ever did
I wouldn’t lie would I?
In this feeble life he’s charmed
charmed enough to make me churn
honey laced with cyanide
and an apple filled with worms
taught to wallow in my time
bask in every bit of light
and the heat is so exciting
and of course there’s always


It can make me tremble
like no other soul that I have found
trembling with pleasure or is this rage
to be beautiful and substanceless
it’s how I’d like to be
but you know
You can’t handle it can you
it rocks the foundation and makes you gloomy
and I don’t want to see you blue
Is this far away enough
forget forgot what I was thinking
if this is far away enough
remind me to think in terms of never
not forever
Forbidden fruit is dangerous in that it has the
tendency to dull the senses one by one
then paralyse the side of the face
So if you
can’t handle it
then you
should stay away from it
it’s true
the hangover is long and it is cruel
I am really happy here
Is this far away enough
forget forgot what I was thinking
if this is far away enough
remind to think
that I am clever


Manic is at my doorstep
looking in with bloodshot eyes
Cursing if I ignore him
he loves to sway when
he spins his lines
Come out and play
is all he can say
Manic he’s the main man
the leading main man
the knight in shining dishonour
it can be thrilling
if i am willing
but I got to want it
I really got to want it
Manic thrills me while he kills me
in my sleep
he does things that you just would not believe
Manic, he’s not sweet
oh, he’s such a cheater
but I think I’ve got the best of him
’cause he only comes round
when I do call
he only comes
when I let him in
Manic is something
that you’d like to see
he’s not the sort you’d take home
to your folks
for a cuppa tea
ladies and gentlemen
this is better than strip-tease


Take my love to the water
watch me flouder
in the makings of my own words
clasp my hand as I do wander
in the valley of no return
There’s a massive sign above you – saying
“welcome to the beautiful suburbs”
and there is no-one else around you
except a thousand others like you
You’ve only got one option
feed me
Itch the feeling of surreal beauty
torrents of love turn to hate
in Grace’s world you only have one option
just take it before it’s too late
And everything it just feels so good
and everything it just tastes so good
everything it just looks so good
it burns my eyes, burns my eyes
burn it, burn it


Save your prayers for someone who needs them
put a little light in the direction
of someone who cares
hold me now not two weeks later
love me know not when you’re gone
And I have often wanted change
I never thought it would come so far
And I will never touch Greenstone again
not ever
Say what you will
say it and mean it
there’s no-one else around
to prove you wrong
and I have often wanted change
I never thought it would come so far
Don’t fight it
it’s gone


It was reason
that stopped me from wanting to
put my arms around your neck
and squeeze
’til the air had gone
It was reason
that stopped me from wanting you
there is no point wanting
something that’s already gone
Think of me sometime
when you’re out chasing circles
I’m trying hard to be cute
but I wouldn’t waste my time
When I came down
I was very graceful was I
never was a debutante
more like a lead weight
falling on a snail
One thing you taught me
the rest I’m going to forget
is that nothing lasts forever
so I’m not going to hold my breath
any longer
Think of me sometimes
when your head starts expanding
I’m trying hard to be cute
but I wouldn’t waste my time
And if I’m real good
If I’m really good
maybe we could do something like
I don’t know
meet for a cup of coffee and
Think of me sometime
when you’re out about grazing
I’m trying hard to be cool
but I wouldn’t waste my time
The state of you


Gentle sparkle, so serene
this is the most beautiful thing
I have ever seen
and a good friend took me there
all I could do was stop and stare
into this place
this space
Oh I’m on ice and I
can’t move anywhere
it’s so cold here
on ice
I’ve seen it and the sound that it makes
could turn the warmest blood
into the coldest of crystal
the hue of the place
is such that it could
break your heart in two
if you would let it
On ice the ghosts go stalking
start to re-arrange your mind
they get your mind
will you go down to the lakeside
search out the meaning
salvage what’s left you
start disbelieveing
will you, oh will you
go down with me


If you’ve ever been
to the edge and back again
’cause someone has taken you there
then you’ll know what I mean
you’ll have seen where I have been
the haze turns your backbone to jelly
It’s not me
Threw myself at a brick wall
and I did some crazy things
and I tampered with something
out of bounds
And I knew it would hurt
like you know it will burn
when you attempt to pick up
soggy metal
It’s not me, it’s not me
this is not happening
to me
Pretend to be someone else
it gets pretty easy
looks like I’ll see the sunrise
this way
And the daylight breaks
a mirror in this glass
show and tell a freak
with no hidden graces